McLaren to stop developing gasoline engines by 2030

(London) British car maker McLaren to stop producing gasoline models by 2030 and switch to electric vehicles, its boss told the business daily on Tuesday Financial Times.

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The manufacturer, headquartered in the county of Surrey in south London, will develop hybrid cars over the next ten years with the further ambition of sourcing more parts from the UK, according to Mike Flewitt, its managing director. It plans a total switch to electric cars in 2035.

We're going to develop (gasoline) engines for the next ten years, sell them for the next fifteen years, but we expect much of the world to be aligned with the 2035 date.

Mike Flewitt

The brand, known for F1, has seen sales decline due to the pandemic and is expected to sell 2,700 cars this year.

The company announced in May it was cutting 1,200 jobs, or a quarter of its workforce, due to the impact of the virus on its business.

She had explained that she had suffered from the cancellation of sporting events or the cessation of production and sales to individuals.

McLaren also questioned the ceiling on budgets decided for the F1 teams for the 2021 season.

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