McLaren prepares for the race in Belgium but also thinks of 2021 –

McLaren had a studious first day at Spa-Francorchamps, during testing for the Belgian Grand Prix. But the team, in addition to preparing for the rest of the weekend, has also started collecting data for 2021.

During the first free practice session, Carlos Sainz tested an MCL35 with a flat bottom in the 2021 configuration (photo), ie reduced in front of the rear wheels. The purpose of these regulations is to reduce downforce on the cars, and the Woking team wanted to know more about the actual loss of downforce.

"A decent day, the car is pretty good" Lando Norris said. "There are things that I have a bit of trouble with, but overall I have good confidence in the car, and it's a better start to the weekend than in Barcelona."

“We did all the testing we wanted on the car and did everything we needed in the session. The car's balance is pretty good, but we have to wait until tomorrow to see what the weather is doing, and when everyone cranks up the engines. "

Sainz, meanwhile, sees a picture as positive as his team-mate and hopes to make further progress: “A normal Friday for us. We used both sessions to try out alternate setups and ideas we had from the last race that were interesting.”

“We were competitive in terms of pace and seem to be in the game for the top 10, but it wasn't until Friday. Racing Point and Renault looked particularly quick today, so if we're going to face them this weekend- end, we have to find some rhythm for tomorrow. "

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