McLaren plays the hybrid supercar card –

McLaren plans to release its new hybrid supercar next year. The British automaker on Tuesday August 25 presented the first steps in its transition to 100% electric supercar production, CNN reports. McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt said in a statement that the new system ideally places the company in the market, to deliver consumers "a level of high-performance electric powertrain never before achieved." The chassis of the brand's new hybrid models will be ultralight, in carbon fiber.

Since 2013, McLaren's supercars, the P1 and then the Speedtail, have been powered by hybrid systems. The new car presented next year will be lighter, more affordable and will be able to travel 30km using only electric power. The mid-range gasoline-powered 720S sells for around £ 215,000, or around € 238,000. Many supercar builders are slower to switch to electric and hybrid models, due to the weight of the batteries, which can impact the ride and performance of the car, and the lack of engine noise. , usually attributed to this type of vehicle, reports CNN. For example, Ferrari and Lamborghini said last year that all-electric technology was not ready for supercars. The two Italian brands offer hybrids at very high prices and are working on more common models.

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McLaren severely affected by the health crisis

McLaren has been hit hard by the health crisis: in March the automaker had to halt production and in May it announced that 1,200 jobs would be cut as part of a restructuring. It hopes to deliver around 4,000 vehicles in 2020, but sales fell sharply in the first quarter: the brand sold just 307 cars, a 70% drop in sales from 2019.

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