McLaren pays for crash and bad lap times at Mugello –

Lando Norris distinguished himself with an off the track and a double touch against the wall in Free 2 at Mugello.

The McLaren driver couldn't finish the session, although his car was not too badly affected. Despite everything, Norris salutes the Italian track worthy of F1: difficult and unforgiving.

“As much as I hate that there is gravel from the damage to the car, it's better that way. It's more complicated, more difficult and that's how F1 should be. is not ideal, but it does sometimes and Mugello is a great track to challenge us, " explains the Briton.

Norris believes the accident scared him more inside the cockpit than it actually was.

“I was scared, I was wondering what the car would look like when I got out of my seat. I think there is damage to the steering and maybe to the rear, but nothing serious. I don't think so. not too much damage to the flat bottom or the rest of the aero parts other than the front wing. It could have been worse. It's just cost me my tests for the long runs. We'll have to make up for it tomorrow. "

"We expected to start the weekend a little stronger," Norris added, noting that Carlos Sainz did not set a much better time than his 14th time.

“I don't think we're bad or slow, it's just that the car has been pretty tricky. We might not be as competitive as we expected against other teams so we have a bit of work to do. to do."

Carlos Sainz therefore signed the 13th time and recognizes "A tough day at Mugello. At no point did I have a good car and we couldn't find the working window."

"We know there is a lot of room for improvement, we know that if we find the settings this Saturday we can do a lot better. If I had gone faster it would be more positive though …"

"Mugello is fun, you have to find a good balance for those kinds of corners and we haven't found it yet. The car is not as it should be, it's more difficult than at Monza, but when we will have our finger on the right setting, we will be faster. "

As for the Mercedes-like nose he tested in the first free session, Sainz confirms that it can be used in 2020.

"It should arrive this year, but we didn't have the rest of the parts that come with it, we're waiting for future improvements and wanted to try it first."

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