McLaren not ready to part ways with Alonso in Indycar – sport24

Former F1 driver Fernando Alonso could return to the circuits in 2021 with the Renault team. At the moment, he is preparing for the 500 miles of Indianapolis (23 August), which he will race in a car… McLaren, Renault competitor in motorsport, and especially in F1. This could potentially call into question the Alonso-McLaren partnership for 2021. Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing, was optimistic: “From our point of view, there is no conflict between the races. In Indycar, it is the car that is classified, not the driver. If he wants to do the 500 miles in 2021, and his contract allows it, we'll manage and if he wants, he can drive. I'm not against it, if we have a seat available, he wants to run and he has permission, that scenario might work. On the other hand, Andreas Seidl, sporting director of the F1 team, has completely closed the door on making Alonso a reserve McLaren driver for this year: “That's not the plan. Fernando is on the Indycar right now. "

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