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The 2019 season marked a renewal for McLaren, who finished fourth in the world constructors' championship, his best performance since 2012. The icing on the cake was a podium obtained by Carlos Sainz at Interlagos, the first for the Woking team since the Australian Grand Prix in 2014. Now, the next step to be taken will be to be able to fight regularly for the podium, get closer to the top teams, before aiming for a victory which has been escaping since 2012.

Andreas Seidl, who took office as director in the 2019 season, reviewed the ongoing process in the team, with the aim of continuing the progress seen last season. The German has already made important decisions, like building a new simulator and a new wind tunnel, and is considering other changes in the way of working of McLaren.

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Former Porsche WEC director welcomes support from McLaren president Zak Brown and explained to that the team was "in the middle of a process of detailed analysis of our production infrastructure", and that she was currently working on a "clear plan" regarding the way "whose production infrastructure we want to update."

"I am very happy to have this freedom to set my vision and bring my leadership style, while having the full support of Zak and the shareholders to set up what I think is necessary for us to find the front of the pack in Formula 1. It is just important now, after these difficult years, that McLaren has stability, as well as defined leadership and a clear vision on how we approach the future. "

McLaren is now preparing for a 2020 season of transition to the new regulations, unveiled in October by Liberty Media and the FIA, but also to a new engine manufacturer, since the Renault block which powers Sainz's single-seaters and Lando Norris will be abandoned in favor of a Mercedes powertrain from 2021.

"With all these steps in place, like the regulations that have been communicated, we know what we want to do, we know what will happen to the engine in 2021, and we have two excellent drivers with whom we want to evolve. We we have a clear plan on how to evolve our structure. We also have one on how to organize the team in the future, so we have everything we need. We can now focus on our work and it's up to us to succeed. It's a good situation. "

Interview by Tom Errington

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