McLaren: Financial gain from third place is not crucial –

McLaren will see Carlos Sainz leave at the end of the year, replaced in 2021 by Daniel Ricciardo, but the England team continue to work tirelessly and unsuspectingly with whoever joins Ferrari next year.

"We work as usual. Nobody is hiding anything from anyone, including me" assures Sainz.

McLaren needs to progress as much as possible to beat Racing Point and Renault in the race for third place in the championship, which could bring in a few million dollars more.

But Andreas Seidl assures him, the objective is not financial for McLaren but sporting. Despite the deep crisis experienced by McLaren after the Covid-19 struck, its director is reassuring.

"It doesn't have a direct influence on our future, whether we finish third, fourth or fifth. We are well positioned with our economic plan. Before the season, we would never have expected to be in a position to finish. third. "

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