McLaren F1 to take the risk of reusing Sainz engine at Spa –

McLaren F1 takes the bet, this weekend at Monza, on a very typical motor circuit, to reuse the power unit which cost Carlos Sainz severe disillusionment at Spa. Indeed, just before the event, on the grid-setting lap, the Spaniard realized a problem with his car: an engine failure had led to an exhaust problem, condemning him to retire even before the start.

Andrea Stella, McLaren F1 racing team director, told Monza that “The engine seems reusable. "

It will thus be reused at least in free practice, to save the rest of the mechanics.

And Stella to clarify: “The problem we had is not a hardware problem. It started with a hardware problem, and then it grew in such a way that the powertrain itself did not suffer. This is our current assessment. "

“Because you are limited with the power units, we would like to try to test the current V6 and estimate its health in free practice – and then we will make a decision. From a team perspective, you always want maximum performance and maximum reliability. "

“We were unable to participate in the race at Spa due to the impact of the engine problem. Basically, there was a catastrophic failure of the exhaust. The engine itself, if the issues that caused the failure can be resolved and if we demonstrate it tomorrow, it can continue. But the exhaust system failed catastrophically and it would have taken too long to change. "

Carlos Sainz confirmed the words of his manager: he will try if not the devil, at least to run with his tired power unit.

“We have an answer, but I will let Renault explain exactly what this problem is and how it was generated. We know the unit of power is alive and I will use it tomorrow. Hopefully it runs safely and nothing happens … and we can have the same engine that I have used in the last two races. "

Whatever the result of this failure, it came to confirm the frustrating and unlucky season of Carlos Sainz with McLaren. While Lando Norris connects the top 10, the future Ferrari driver must chomp on his brains and does not hide his frustration. I can't wait for bad luck to leave him!

“It seems like everything is happening to me in the first seven races. It's still a bit difficult to digest. Last year I had 2 or 3 races with bad luck, or things that were wrong with you, which, as long as it's not your fault, can be digested pretty quickly. "

“But this year, in seven races, not much has gone well, I think, other than the first race in Austria and the one in Barcelona. All the other races I had a problem, and I lost at least 30 points in the championship, it's starting to hurt a lot and affect me, I'm starting to get a little upset about it. "

“But at least it's not my fault, and I have to keep working the same way. "

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