McLaren F1 was among the teams leading the sling, with Renault, against Racing Point, accused of being a carbon copy of last year's Mercedes. However, like other teams, McLaren decided to drop their appeal proceedings …

Today, when Racing Point could definitely steal 3rd place from McLaren in the constructors' standings, doesn't Zak Brown regret having stopped his proceedings? Racing Point could have perhaps received more than 15 penalty points…

“Look, Racing Point has an extremely fast racing car. It’s the third fastest racing car on the grid and it’s been all year. Racing Point, formerly Force India, has always been a strong team. I think we got what we wanted which was clarity and a change of direction for the future. I think you can't look back in this sport. AlphaTauri, I wouldn't rule them out for fifth or fourth place in the championship; they are extremely competitive. This is the nature of the beast. Don't regret anything from the past, just settle for having more clarity so you can't replicate a race car like they did. "

The CEO of McLaren Racing is also very involved in IndyCar, where McLaren is diversifying its activities. There is just one F1 driver who will be free next year and who has never hidden his interest in the United States: Kevin Magnussen. Will Zak Brown offer him a contract?

“I thought you were going to ask me about Formula 1 and I was going to say that we have our drivers under contract in F1. Yeah, I think Kevin is a very fast, very aggressive rider, which I think fits the driving styles of the IndyCar. But we have done a good job on our roster. One of those drivers has been announced, another is yet to be announced, so I don't think there is a window of opportunity for Kevin in our IndyCar team. If there had been one, it certainly would have been taken into consideration. "

Could this mystery pilot be Sergio Pérez? Obviously not … Unless McLaren lines up a third car in IndyCar?

“Yeah, I think Sergio, too, is a really good talent and someone he would be great to have in IndyCar. I think he will stay in Formula 1, but I'm not sure. And I think having a third car for us, other than the Indy 500, is unlikely. "