McLaren F1, Norris save 8 points from Mugello 'carnage' –

Discreet 6th after a weekend so far complicated, Lando Norris went through the drops to bring back a result which was ultimately satisfactory for McLaren, who saved the day in the constructors' standings.

The McLaren driver therefore avoided the carnage of the restarts, and seemed to be happy with it, especially as his car was far less lively than at Monza in terms of pure performance.

“We avoided the carnage and got some points. We weren't worth a P6 at all with our pace. "

“Everyone produced an accordion effect at the restart. It was the instinct of the racing driver, you always want to have the upper hand. The more you slow down, the more it happens. "

“I'm happy with this day. It was a long race from start to finish with both red flags, but I don't think we could have asked for much more. I think we capitalized on the mistakes of others but we didn't really have the pace to do more.

“Everyone who finished ahead in qualifying and was much faster, so I'm happy with our performance. The car was still very tricky to drive so I struggled to gain confidence. We have a bit of work to do next time, but I think the race on my side couldn't have been much better. "

“Finally, thank you to the team for their hard work during this first part of the race. It wasn't easy for the team on the track or for the guys and girls at the factory, but their support was incredible. "

Carlos Sainz got back to bad luck: he was one of the victims of the pile-up at the start of the race, following the safety car. Not to mention a spin in the first round … Was there a good result to expect on the regular this Sunday?

“We really need to look at what happened and understand what sparked this whole situation to make sure it never happens again. This isn't the first time these restarts have become dangerous when you're in the middle or the end of the grid, and something has to be done. ""

“The positive side is that I got off to a good start. It was a day where you had to take risks and try to gain positions at the start because the pace all weekend was not very good. Unfortunately, I had a slight contact with a Racing Point, fighting for the P5 in turn 3, which put me in a spin. We still had the whole race ahead of us and from P15 to the restart I could have fought for the points. Unfortunately, we were unable to continue after the incident. "

“Last but not least, I want to thank the mechanics and the whole team for all of their efforts and hard work after doing nine races in eleven weekends. "

Andreas Seidl, McLaren's F1 team manager, therefore especially recalls the disappointing performance of the McLaren at pure pace.

“First, the most important thing today is that Carlos and all the guys involved in the crashes are okay. A frustrating day for Carlos. Lando had a good day, keeping his cool throughout a long and difficult afternoon. He and the team performed very well throughout the day. "

“We really struggled with the performance this weekend, compared to our main rivals in the constructors' championship, but we are very happy with the final result of today's race which saw us score eight. important points. "

“Nine races in 11 weeks is the most intense program F1 has ever put on, and our team – both here on the track and at home in the factory – rose to the challenge with flying colors. We will now go home and try to give everyone some rest before considering a more normal schedule in the next few weeks. "

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