McLaren F1 loses 3rd place after ‘60 laps of suffering 'for Norris and Sainz –

As in qualifying the old one, Carlos Sainz was not comfortable with the evolutions of his McLaren F1 (which Lando Norris did not have this weekend at the Nürburgring): indeed, the Spaniard, for lack of driving in free practice, could not properly adjust these new parts.

And yet, he managed to bring his car back into the top 5, to register 10 precious points. This does not prevent McLaren from falling to 3rd place in the constructors' standings …

Obviously Carlos Sainz didn’t have a good Sunday, even with this top 5, as he told Spanish TV after the finish.

“It's a fifth place that tastes good because it's worth 10 points, but when you suffer for 60 laps of the race you end up out of place. "

“I'm not very happy, actually. It's a fifth place which is a bit frustrating when you see (Daniel) Ricciardo and (Sergio) Perez ahead (fighting for) the podium, and so we missed an opportunity to fight for that podium. "

"With the car I had today I couldn't fight for the podium, but maybe with the one I had two races ago I could. "

“We had a lot more graining than the others. The car escapes you a lot before it costs you more damage. "

"But hopefully this Grand Prix will be used to get 60 rounds of analysis, data to study them at the factory and see what's in this new package – which doesn't give me a good feeling and doesn't not give us the sensations and performance we expected. "

The retirement of Lando Norris and the loss of 3rd place in the constructors' standings are starting to seriously worry Sainz …

“We will have to investigate what happened with Lando, because these are points that were important for the championship. Between the engine failure and the little driving we did this weekend, especially with my car, there are homework to do and we have to overcome them. "

Lando Norris was in 6th place when he retired… But he was already suffering from these engine problems (apparently related to the MGU-H) which forced him to put his foot down to sit, for long minutes, on a deckchair.

“We got off to a good start. Our strategy and our pit stop allowed us to have a decent first stint which put us in a strong position. Then we obviously had an engine problem before the pit stop, which cost us a lot of time on each lap. I was moving further and further away from a potential P4, and what looked like a fight for a podium. We could have scored some good points today, but we didn't. Thank you to everyone on the team for their hard work and efforts this weekend. It's a shame, but we'll move on to the next one. "

McLaren F1 manager Andreas Seidl seems increasingly annoyed with Renault's reliability …

“Unfortunately we had another powertrain problem after already having had to install a new engine this morning on Lando's car. We have to wait for our Renault colleagues to investigate, but it appears to be a similar problem to the one Carlos experienced at Spa. "

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