McLaren F1 leaves Monza with a little disappointment and 'second force' status –

Sunday could have been unforgettable for Carlos Sainz and McLaren, but it ended up with a "only" second place, as the Spaniard finished just 4 tenths behind the incredible Pierre Gasly.

Nothing would have been possible in the sheer performance of the McLaren: according to Seidl, the team manager, the orange car was even the fastest, after Lewis Hamilton.

“I think the most important thing is that we actually had a very competitive car, and behind the Mercedes I think we can say that we were the second force, which was great to see. And once again, this confirms that we have taken a big step forward with the car this winter. "

“I think what was just good to see was that with a normal race I think – if Valtteri hadn't had a problem – we were definitely able to get a P3 / P4 in the race. Or after the Valtteri problem, I think we could or could have finished in P2 / P3, which is obviously a very encouraging sign starting from here, and looking now towards the second half of the season. "

“I think we've seen at Spa that the package with little downforce is competitive. But I think with the Monza track, where you ride with even less downforce, and the combination of the turns here, the characteristics of the turns, I think there was kind of love at first sight for the car.

“It's encouraging to see that our car seems to be competitive on all kinds of circuits. We are still able to go into Q3, we are still able to fight with the cars around us which is good, and gives us a lot of optimism also now going to Mugello and the races that follow. "

McLaren still reaped 30 points and widened the lead to Racing Point in the fight for third place in the constructors' standings. All in all, Andreas Seidl, McLaren F1 manager, was not too bitter after an Italian Grand Prix though it was memorable!

“A very short period of disappointment. We come away from here with a lot of positives, because in the end we scored some very important points for the constructors' championship. "

McLaren also reacted well to the events of the race and Seidl is delighted.

“And also when I look at the execution of the race today by the guys from the strategy team, it's clear that we have made great progress as well. We obviously saw that we have two sports heroes in our car, two sensational drivers who did everything right at the start, on the restarts, and put in a sensational performance. "

“I’m also happy to see how the racing team, under the leadership of Andrea Stella, is working with James Key on development to continue to push and guide development. The guys at home under the direction of Piers Thynne, and the production department. They go out of their way to make sure the parts are delivered as quickly as possible. I must say I am very happy. "

Would McLaren have benefited so much from the end of engine modes? And with a boost mode, could Carlos Sainz still not have passed Pierre Gasly at the finish?

" Hard to say. I think we have to wait now for the analysis of the experts on each team. I think you have to be careful not to jump to conclusions too early. Ultimately, with what we've seen, there is a huge difference between running in the open or in the dirty air. Because I think we clearly had a faster car than AlphaTauri all weekend. The gap is not huge. "

"And that's why we could also get closer to Pierre towards the end of the race, but that's obviously another story as soon as you're in the dirty air to get close enough to get into the DRS than we did." did not manage to reach until the last lap, despite Carlos having put everything he had. "

“Would it have been different with the old engine modes of operation where you can adjust the settings, I don't know, hard to say at the moment. But we must also congratulate AlphaTauri and Pierre Gasly. They did a great job at Monza, and in the end they deserve to win this race. "

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