McLaren F1 inventor presents his turbine supercar! – 20 minutes

Gordon Murray Automotive T50 – DR

At first glance, the Gordon Murray Automotive T50 is reminiscent of the McLaren F1 Road Car designed by Gordon Murray in 1993. The style, the silhouette, the opening of the elytral doors and even… the 3 seats in the cockpit seem largely inspired by this automotive icon of the 90s! On board, the pilot sits in the center, surrounded by a recessed passenger seat on either side.

Not there for the decoration

But what impresses the most is the 400mm turbine that sits at the rear. She is of course not there to decorate. By acting on the air flow, it allows the car to get to the ground at very high speed and also reduces braking distances. If this turbine impresses you, know that Gordon Murray had already introduced it in F1 at the end of the 70s.

Less than a ton

Despite this artifice, the T50 weighs only… 957 kg empty! In the world of supercars, this is simply exceptional, especially since it hides a V12 under its back cover. But this "big" engine is actually the lightest V12 on a road. With a displacement of 3.9 liters and strong of 663 hp, it weighs only 178 kg. And above all, it climbs up to 12,100 rpm, a motorcycle revs or, if you prefer, F1 …

The Gordon Murray Automotive will be produced in only 100 copies and it could well mark the history of the automobile.

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