McLaren F1 father impressed by Alpine A110 –

The designer of the legendary McLaren F1 couldn't understand how the Alpine A110 could be so good.

If you like sports cars, the name Gordon Murray means something to you. He is an automotive engineer who notably authored the McLaren F1, this supercar designed in the 90s and still considered today as one of the best sports cars of all time.

Gordon Murray will soon launch a new sports car, the T.50. And he personally owns a blue Alpine A110. A car that he finds so successful that he completely boned it completely for two months, just to understand how Alpine had succeeded in such a masterpiece.

Nothing secret

According to Murray, he then realized that there were no technical secrets behind this success: the Alpine simply benefited from an excellent development. Note that he also loved the first Lotus Evora, even if the latter has a less good reputation.

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