McLaren F1 evaluated new aero parts today –

46 laps for Carlos Sainz, 57 for Lando Norris: McLaren filed the asphalt today in Barcelona, ​​without really looking for performance.

As Carlos Sainz confirms, the English team was well focused on the evaluation of new parts, which required a meticulous review: "Today we spent our morning trying to figure out some new aerodynamic parts for the car. The program was very intense and the change of parts led us to do fewer laps than last week, but we completed the taxi plan as planned. All these successive tests were important and all the data collected will be very useful for us to understand the car. All in all, a good day. "

Lando Norris, who rode the other half of the day, said his team had worked on a wide range of adjustments. Tedious work, but oh so necessary …

"It was a good day, we did a lot of short stints to work on aerodynamics, to better understand the balance of the car. We have changed the car a bit since last week in the areas that we felt we needed to improve, and the settings were also slightly different. That's why we had to do a few more laps. It was another day to try to learn more about the car, have a good feeling as a driver and do a few laps. "

"Overall, the day was productive, and we did pretty much everything we needed on our schedule. This day was devoted to testing parts and the next two days will be devoted more to the development of the car. "

Andrea Stella, the race director, talks about a "Another productive day" for McLaren.

“The conditions were a little more delicate than the previous days, but we were still able to complete our entire program and obtain precise information. We had several points to check and validate, which we did diligently thanks to good reliability. Today, the objective was not the mileage, but to evaluate some evolutions and some options in the settings. We are now looking forward to completing the test as effectively as we have done so far. We plan to take a closer look at performance and long stints over the next two days. "

Tomorrow Lando Norris will be alone behind the wheel – this will be his last day in Barcelona this winter in the McLaren.

Find all the photos of the Barcelona test day by clicking here (gallery updated regularly).

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