McLaren F1 could have blocked Sainz transfer to Ferrari –

The musical chairs that have taken place in recent months on the transfer market – Daniel Ricciardo leaving for McLaren, Fernando Alonso returning to Renault, Carlos Sainz chosen by Ferrari to replace Sebastian Vettel, himself replacing Sergio Pérez at Racing Point – to a large extent would simply not have happened.

Indeed, McLaren could have blocked the transfer of Carlos Sainz to Ferrari, as revealed by Zak Brown for the F1 Nation podcast. The McLaren Racing CEO, however, confides that he did not want to prevent his Spanish driver from joining one of the most posh teams in the paddock. Ferrari, you can't refuse …

If McLaren was able to let Carlos Sainz go, Zak Brown continues, it is also and above all because Daniel Ricciardo seemed open to the idea of ​​winning Woking …

“We could have kept it – we had an agreement where we could have stopped that, we had an option. We tried to have Daniel Ricciardo the first time, two years ago (in 2018), so he was still at the top of our list, and when Andreas (Seidl, McLaren team manager) joined us, we have kept in touch with Daniel. "

“So, conversations were started with Daniel. We felt like he wasn't happy where he was (at Renault), so it was more than the stars lining up because Daniel wanted to explore McLaren and Carlos wanted to explore Ferrari. We could have said no, but we were interested in Daniel and we thought, if we can end up having Daniel and Carlos end up at Ferrari, it's a good end for both of us. "

"We would never have let Carlos go if we didn't think we could have Daniel, but when we thought that window was open we said, 'Yeah, let's go explore that,' we set a date that we would come back to. towards each other, and it turned out that we could have Daniel and Ferrari wanted (Carlos), so we said, "Great, let's do it". "

While the divorce between Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari, or between Sergio Pérez and Racing Point, goes badly, the mood remains good between Carlos Sainz and McLaren. What Zak Brown confirms.

“The way we break up – because you never know what's going to happen – is great, because we have total harmony in the garage. Carlos gives everything he has, we give everything we have, and then when you look at how Vettel and Ferrari go their separate ways, or Sergio Pérez with Racing Point or even Daniel with Renault, there isn't a lot of harmony. "

“So I'm very proud because relationships are very important to us, and Carlos has been an amazing person to work with, so I'm really happy that it's worked out and that we're in a situation where everyone is happy. "

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