McLaren F1 and especially Sainz aim for a pit-free weekend at Monza –

Carlos Sainz, after a breakthrough in Barcelona, ​​fell back into his pitfalls at Spa: despite having good qualifying, he was unable to even make the start, due to an engine problem causing exhaust failure. This is a good opportunity to bounce back at Monza … to avoid further frustration!

“After the Barcelona race I was hoping for another clean weekend at Spa, but unfortunately I couldn't even start the race on Sunday. It’s very frustrating to look back and see all the points that I have missed this season due to different issues, but I prefer to look ahead and put all my energy into the challenges and the races ahead. I feel good in the car and I'm sure my luck will end up going down if we stay focused and keep working hard. "

“Fortunately, I don't have to wait long to get back in the car as we are heading straight for Monza for two races in a row in Italy. This circuit is a high speed circuit, generally offering some overtaking possibilities, especially in the first chicane, so we should have an exciting race. I've been working with the team over the past few days to make sure we can maximize the performance of the car. "

Lando Norris, 7th in the last Grand Prix after an excellent comeback – a Grand Prix "positive" according to him – will try to "keep this momentum" this weekend in Monza.

“The competition is extremely tight in both the constructors 'and drivers' championships, so we know that missing out on points scoring opportunities can have a big impact on those rankings. We will do everything in our power to try to consolidate this 3rd position (in the manufacturers 'standings) and this 6th place (in the drivers' standings). Monza is one of the most exciting circuits on the calendar, with plenty of opportunities to fight for a spot, and I can't wait for the FP1s to arrive. "

McLaren F1 manager Andreas Seidl hopes "put behind us" the "mixed emotions" de Spa, to immerse yourself in the "temple of speed."

“As always with any triple header, the team is under pressure to make sure that they are ready for the next race. "

“Monza’s unique, high-speed circuit will make it necessary to build a low downforce package again. It’s up to us as the race team to squeeze the maximum performance out of the car in what will be a close fight for strengths at the finish. "

“The intensity in the middle of the grid keeps us focused on the task at hand. We understand that a bad race can take a team from third to sixth in the constructors' championship, which is why our strategy, operational functioning and performance must be consistently high. With such a small performance gap between four or five teams, we should be in a position to have an exciting and enjoyable race. "

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