McLaren doesn't underestimate Ferrari for third place –

At the end of the Belgian Grand Prix last weekend, Mclaren took third place in the constructors' championship thanks to seventh place in Lando norris. Nevertheless, if there is one lesson to remember after Spa-Francorchampsis that the fight for this envied position behind Mercedes and Red bull racing intensifies and sees more applicants than expected: Racing Point and Renault also want to claim it, while Ferrari cannot be ruled out, even after such a disastrous weekend as that experienced on the toboggan des Ardennes.

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The Monza meeting could represent a second chance to outrun the Scuderia – which is seven lengths behind McLaren while having only two points ahead of Renault – but for Andreas Seidl, it will be a question of seizing every opportunity. because the Italian team will return sooner or later in the match.

"I expect to be close to Racing Point and Renault again", says the McLaren director ahead of the Italian Grand Prix. “From everything we can see and read right now at Ferrari, they could still be struggling. Hopefully this will be another opportunity to score more points. It gives us one more chance to score more points. compared to some competitors who will be stronger on other circuits. "

“It's important that we never underestimate Ferrari's ability to strike back during the season as they have the experience, the people and the infrastructure to. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before they counter-attack. That's why it hurts even more not to have taken more points [at Spa]. "

Indeed, if the team of Woking climbed in the classification, it deplored the abandonment of Carlos Sainz even before the start of the Belgian Grand Prix due to an engine failure. The German has been insisting since the start of the season on the importance of what he calls "race execution" to aim for third place in the championship. In other words, everything will be played on details.

"I still believe that Racing Point is clearly the third strongest car on the grid", he hammers. “After that, I would say there is a very close fight between the Ferraris, the Renault and us. At the end of the day, it's about maximizing the weekends, making sure you do perfect laps in Q3. , to have a perfect execution of the race on Sunday, perfect reliability. I believe that is what will be decisive in this championship. "

"We're not far from fighting with the Renaults. We expect them to be very strong at Monza, because they were also there last year. But as far as we're concerned, the pace The car is encouraging and we could take points at Racing Point and Ferrari. We are third in the constructors' championship again, which is a good thing. "

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