When we look at the market today, we can only notice how the raised models take an important place. And that is not going to get any better, as the offer is growing and customers seem to be asking for more in spite of everything. And no brand is now spared, whether Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce and even Ferrari, which is about to launch its first SUV, the Purosangue. All? Us! An irreducible English manufacturer is still resisting the invader, and in no way wishes to offer a leggy vehicle in the years to come. It is Mclaren, who seems totally opposed to this idea, and who absolutely does not intend to give in to the trend. A completely honorable decision, which is even more so when we know that it was taken at the request of its customers. And for good reason, they are very listened to by the British brand, some even having the email address of its CEO, Mike Flewitt, then regularly sending him all kinds of requests.

Among those most regularly made, comes the request never to produce an SUV, as the boss reveals to our colleagues at Car Magazine. In addition, they also want the range not to grow too much and remain relatively confidential ” if we have one takeaway message from our customers, it’s: don’t build too many cars “. The Briton goes further and emphasizes that ” we stuck with the concept of creating supercars. This is a question I get in many markets: “are you going to make an SUV” or “are you going to make an SUV?” electric car ? The answer is no, it is not planned “. He adds ” our brand is fully anchored in motorsport, supercars and pilot cars […] It is far too early to extend the brand to other areas and try to give credibility to a product that clearly has nothing to do with our history. “.

From hybridization to the program

If McLaren therefore seems ready to listen to its customers and keep a restricted range without SUV, the brand will nevertheless have to resolve to electrify itself if it wants to be able to survive, while the standards are more and more strict concerning CO2 emissions. If the latest addition to the brand, the McLaren Saber, remains a pure thermal, the next models will undoubtedly have to offer the assistance of an electric motor, while all manufacturers are now forced to use it. Mike Flewitt indeed affirms ” I’m honest enough to say that we only electrify our cars to meet environmental requirements in order to stay compliant, but we’ve been able to harness the technology to create a more exciting car with better attributes, so it still makes sense “. In the coming months, we will therefore be able to discover the first hybrid supercar, the McLaren Artura, already announced by the brand a few months ago.

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