McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown is eager to see Formula 1 introduce a calendar rotation model in the coming seasons, believing it could help some races become more sustainable.

F1 announced plans for a record-breaking 23-race schedule in 2021 last November and remains committed to its longest campaign in history despite the changes imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The current schedule includes three triplets of races in the span of 11 weeks in the second half of the season, raising concerns from teams about the impact it will have on staff.

New F1 CEO and President Stefano Domenicali said last month that Formula 1 could reduce the number of races on the calendar in the future, while suggesting that a rotation system could be used for certain events.

McLaren CEO Zak Brown says he’s more favoring a rotation model going forward, believing that fewer scheduled races would not only reduce the pressure on teams, but also increase the value of events by offering greater exclusivity.

“I would like us to be able to make rotations of certain races. “ explains the American to the British magazine Autosport.

I firmly believe that if a good country wants a Grand Prix, that’s a good thing. I think the more countries we run the better.

That being said, I think there are two things to consider with the size of the calendar. First and foremost, there is your staff. It’s a brutal schedule.

And then the other is the scarcity of races. If you look at the NFL, there are, I think, 16 regular season games and three or four play-offs. “

The Olympics are very popular, every four years, as is the World Cup. We know that some grand prizes die out over time, and so if you don’t make it an annual event, but every two years, would some of those grand prizes actually be longer lasting because you didn’t? not burnout? “

For Brown, the ideal would be to follow the schedule presented over three quarters of the season, then the remaining quarter would consist of rotating races.

In our ideal world, you would be making 20 grand prizes per year. Maybe there are 25 markets, and maybe 15 of those are fixed events, because there is commercial reality in this sport. “

“Ve have to balance all interests and we have to make the sport add up. I wish we were in 25 markets one day, 15 base grand prix and 10 more races – five of them would last a year, then five the following year. “

You could create more lasting events in some of these cases because people will say, “oh, it’s only every two years, so I don’t want to miss this next year.” “