McLaren Automotive is reorganizing itself around the world

The new division is headed by Brett Soso, Managing Director Europe, Middle East and Africa. Each sub-region is managed by a market director whose role will be to strengthen the visibility of McLaren Automotive within the various commercial zones.

McLaren Automotive is reorganizing itself around the world - McLaren Automotive is reorganizing itself around the world
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"EMEA". These four letters now include the activities of McLaren Automotive in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. This new entity aims to create synergies between the regions, but also to rationalize the commercial sales and marketing operations of the British manufacturer. The four sub-regions will be organized according to geography, culture and specific market requirements. So, Western Europe (Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Monaco, Italy and Spain) is led by Steve Robson. The UK is under the supervision of Stephen Harvey. Central Europe (Germany Switzerland, Latvia and Poland) is the responsibility of Bastian Luehmann. Finally, the appointment of the market manager for the Middle East and Africa (Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates and South Africa) will be announced at a later date. And to oversee the whole of this new organization, the brand has promoted Brett Soso as general manager who joined the team in August 2018. “Consolidating Europe, the Middle East and Africa under one regional entity will undoubtedly be beneficial for McLaren Automotive. As we enter our second decade, I am confident that this strengthened organization will enable us to achieve operational excellence and deliver the highest levels of service to our most demanding customers and distributors ", he comments. The new regional entity includes twenty markets, thirty-six distributors and should represent one third of the brand's global sales volume.

This commercial reorganization coincides with the final testing phases of the first production high-performance hybrid supercar of the brand. The model, which is scheduled for launch during first semester 2021, will be based on the brand new McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MLCA) developed and manufactured in the UK. This will accompany the next generation of hybrid supercars marketed in the years to come and thus opens a new era of electrification for McLaren after the end of production of the Sports Series models (introduced in 2015) scheduled for the end of this year with the 620R.

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