The start of the season is near and it shows. A few days after Alfa Romeo, it was McLaren who confirmed the launch date for its new single-seater, the MCL35M. This will be revealed to everyone on February 15 at the headquarters of the British team.

Back at the forefront, McLaren faces a big challenge this year: the integration of the Mercedes powertrain leaving aside that of Renault. ” The switch to the Mercedes propellant resulted in a number of significant changes », Admitted Piers Thynne, production manager for Woking.

Once again associated with the German engine manufacturer, McLaren hopes to confirm this return to form seen during the 2020 campaign with Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz. ” Switching from one engine to another greatly changes the architecture of the car, the way in which the various piping and cooling elements, the control boxes and the electrical installation are arranged. », Continues Piers Thynne.

To integrate this new powertrain, McLaren had to change certain elements like the rear of the chassis and the gearbox around the engine. This also led to the design of a new chassis which is none other than the revamped 2020 and already homologated by the FIA.

Now, the team led by Zak Brown is gearing up with the return to competition with an all-new duo, Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo, whose presentation will take place on the same day as the launch of the MCL35M.