McLaren: All F1 players have pledged to no longer see copies –

Toto Wolff recently suggested that a Mercedes rival was seen attempting to scan the car with a 3D camera last year, as the debate over the Racing Point RP20, a near-true copy of the Mercedes W10 of 2019, is still alive.

At a press conference for the Italian Grand Prix, the question was put to Andreas Seidl and Mattia Binotto, managers of McLaren and Ferrari respectively, but the two said they did not know anything about it.

"I obviously can't comment on this because I don't know, and I just want to repeat what we said two weeks ago." Seidl replied.

"We are happy with the outcome of all these discussions that we have had since Racing Point first took the car to the track in Barcelona. Everyone in Formula 1 has pledged not to see such a thing again. recur in the future. "

McLaren has found satisfaction in the promises of the FIA ​​and currently does not see any further: "It was important for us, for our existence as a team and also for our competitiveness in the future, because we don't have such cooperation in place. Therefore, I have nothing to add."

On the Ferrari side, Mattia Binotto told him that “Watching the competitors, trying to figure out what they are doing, trying to study their car has been part of F1 history and I see nothing wrong with that. I think copying an entire design is is different and contrary to the spirit because it is intellectual property. "

Binotto even implied yesterday that instead of Toto Wolff, he would not have accepted to see a car so close to his own, and would probably have protested against Racing Point himself.

“If I had been Mercedes I would have protested that someone would copy me. It's not in the spirit. So I think, I don't know, taking pictures has always been done and I see nothing wrong with the fact itself. "

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