Maya Weug the first girl to join the Ferrari drivers - Maya Weug, the first girl to join the Ferrari driver's school, aims to race a Grand Prix - Franceinfo
Maya Weug, 16, has just joined the Ferrari driver school. (TWITTER SCREENSHOTS)

An F1 grand prix is ​​the path laid out for it by the prestigious Ferrari team, since its leaders have just integrated it into the Ferrari Driver Academy, its factory of champions. Her name is Maya Weug, she is 16 years old and is therefore since this weekend the first girl to enter this pilot school, a very select course which currently has only eight students, eight boys, all trained, trained, prepared to compete in Formula 1 Grand Prix and above all to win them.

It is through this sector that, for example, the Monegasque Charles Leclerc, winner in 2019 of the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps and that of Italy at Monza. Legendary circuits on which Maya Weug hopes to set off in four or five years.

Born in 2004 in Spain, she has the nationalities of her two parents, Belgian and Dutch, and it was at the age of seven on a small karting track that she started. Her father, passionate about motorsport, bought a second-hand kart and introduced her and her brother to taking them on a circuit to learn the basics. Very quickly, it was she who showed the most aptitudes: reactivity, concentration, reading trajectories and above all desire. Maya loves to ride. Two years later, at the age of 9, she took part in her first regional competitions in Spain, then rose to the next level with the national championship.

It was there that she was spotted by the FIA, the International Automobile Federation, which set out in search of a champion. Because the races may well be theoretically mixed, in fact, there is no woman driver. In the 71 years that the F1 world championship has existed, only two women have raced in the Grand Prix. One in 1958, the other in 1975. Hence the FIA’s initiative to seek girls directly from karting circuits to select those who could go further, support them, train them, propel them. .

And it is therefore Maya Weug who won, among twenty other candidates, the right to wear the colors of Ferrari. “It was my dream, she confided during the presentation conference, as soon as I started karting, my goal was to switch to cars. “ Goal achieved. In a few days, she will therefore be driving a single-seater for the first time, in Formula 4, before entering F3, F2 and finally F1. That’s all we can wish for her, but also for a sport that claims to be mixed.