Max Verstappen (Red Bull) suspects Ferrari of cheating during the season – F1 – L'É

This alleged cheating has been put forward by Red Bull who suspects the Scuderia to deceive the sensor that measures the flow of instant fuel. The Austrian team had formally asked the FIA ​​technical services a fortnight ago, with some irony, if it were allowed to invent a system that could deceive the sensor that measures the instantaneous fuel flow (100 kg / h).

This weekend, Nikolas Tombatzis, FIA single-seat technical director, had obviously answered in the negative. An official directive was sent to all teams before the GP to remind them of this point of settlement.

And the low performance of the Ferrari in the US, after three consecutive wins at Spa, Monza and Singapore, does not go against the rumor that had swelled for some time in the paddock. In a press conference, Verstappen maintained his remarks, relying on the response of the FIA ​​to questions from his team.

"I'm not surprised at all about it. After what came out, that explains everything. Why do you think Ferrari could not fight with us initially? You can imagine it yourself … " A somewhat nebulous exit that however requires reading between the lines and see a link of cause and effect between the interrogations of Red Bull and the fourth place of Charles Leclerc, 50 '' from Valtteri Bottas, and never able to target the podium.

It is besides the Monaco driver of Ferrari which was in charge to bring an answer to these accusations. "I think it's a joke. I do not know why he's talking, he does not know anything about us. "

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