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After seven races this season, Ferrari has scored just 61 points and only occupies fifth place in the Championship, already a long way from Mercedes (264 points) and even Red Bull (158). Sunday, during the Belgian Grand Prix, its drivers fought at the end of the peloton, with the Alfa Romeo and the Haas, and if Charles Leclerc (14th) had an illusion at the start of the race, he and Sebastian Vettel (13th) no 'weren't even able to fight for the top 10, due to a car with a serious top speed deficit.

While the Italian Grand Prix at Monza will take place next Sunday, behind closed doors, on a circuit where engine power is even more important, Mattia Binotto has admitted the failings of his team in Belgium. "We are disappointed and angry, as must be our fans, and they have what, he admitted. We are going through a difficult time. We knew from the start that this season was going to be tough for us, but that's when you have to stay strong and look ahead, in order to overcome this situation. This is the only way to get us out. "

"We are all in the same boat, and even if it goes through a storm, we remain united"

"However, I think it would be a mistake to speak of a crisis, he nevertheless added. It was definitely a very bad result, but we knew it would happen. As early as the pre-season testing, we realized that. And then the evolution of cars was frozen, so we couldn't develop it the way we would like. We all shoulder this responsibility. Me, of course, as team manager, but everyone in Maranello too. We're all in the same boat, and even though it goes through a storm, we stick together. There is bitterness and frustration, but no tension. "

"We understand the fans and are sorry for them, concluded the boss of the Scuderia. Our car has lost power compared to last season. This is the case with all engine manufacturers, but we more than the others. In 2019, the engine partially compensated for the limitations of the car, this is no longer the case this year. It is clear that we must move forward. "

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