At Mathilde Bourge, in the kitchen, it’s a bit like at Lavoisier. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed. Or almost. “As part of my work as an independent gastronomic journalist, I travel a lot in France and I meet a lot of chefs,” explains the 30-something, living in Lamballe-Armor (22). “And I realized a trend that is developing more and more: that of sustainability and anti-waste. For some, it has almost become a philosophy. They try to show off the whole product. I also realized that these tips were accessible to the general public, saved money and I got into the game ”.

Chef’s recipes

The result today is a blog, online on the internet. Where the young woman claims 400 recipes. “A lot based on vegetables, cereals. Basically what is left after my meals. But also meat or fish. I rework and post what I eat, actually. And the recipes are mine, for the most part ”. Some are collected from certain chefs. And Mathilde explains “testing a lot of different things. Often it works quite well. Sometimes much less, laughs the young woman. And I always taste before posting! “

pour cette omelette zero dechet au fenouil meme le 5502412 576x349p - Mathilde shares her unusual anti-waste cooking recipes
For this “zero waste fennel omelet”, even the foliage is used and gives a slightly fresh and anise flavor (Le Télégramme / Nicolas Salles)

Readers in France, Belgium, Spain, the United States

Over the months, Mathilde Bourge has won the loyalty of an increasingly large audience. “I’m around 25,000 views per month. Which, with regard to certain culinary sites, is quite confidential. But hey, I’m in a niche, too, ”analyzes the blogger who doesn’t make the popularity of her pages a criterion for success. An essentially French-speaking community, located in France and Belgium, with a few “surprises”. As readers in the United States and “a small breeding ground in Spain, it’s pretty amazing. No doubt expatriates, ”says Mathilde, smiling.

au premier plan des topinambours cuisines avec la peau en 5502411 576x348p - Mathilde shares her unusual anti-waste cooking recipes
In the foreground, Jerusalem artichokes, cooked with the skin on. At the top, “empenadas with bolognese leftovers” which may appeal to the community of Spanish readers (Le Télégramme / Nicolas Salles)

Its audience, even if it is mostly female, is not particularly “young”. “I have readers aged 60 and over,” explains the blogger. The good indicator is the liveliness of the Facebook page, which points to the blog and generally performs better than the Instagram account. However, on the first, we will find more people over 30, who comment a lot, who share, redistribute… ”.

With organic products, it’s obviously better

The first few months, the activity was also “a bit overwhelming”. “I posted a recipe almost every day. But between the preparation, the photos, the writing of the articles and the uploading, it had become very, very time-consuming. I have calmed down since, ”recognizes Mathilde Bourge. With a rate “dropped to one or two weekly publications”.

And sometimes unusual, even downright improbable proposals. “Like replacing bacon with banana peels,” laughs the blogger. At first, that’s for sure, it’s surprising. But I had seen this on an American vegan blog and tried. The principle is to macerate the skins, washed and cut into strips, in a sweet-salty mixture. We go to the pan, for the crisp. For a Sunday brunch, with eggs and some vegetables, it works quite well ”. The best is still to try… “And with organic products, it’s obviously better. The skin can be very loaded with chemicals, ”points out the young woman.