The Material You interface of Android 12 is slowly taking its first steps on the Google Chrome browser. The changes, very subtle at the moment, should gradually become more visible.

Google Chrome Canary

Google Chrome Canary on the Play Store // Source: Frandroid

Material You here, Material You there… The new aesthetic guideline of Android 12 appeals to many people as it allows increased customization of the interface. Indeed, depending on the colors present on your wallpaper, various visual elements will adapt automatically (dominant color, accent colors, etc.). On Google Chrome, we can already see a preview.

Indeed, as has been observed 9to5Google, the experimental (and unstable) version of Google’s browser, Chrome Canary, welcomes a new feature under test that must be activated by yourself in the page of flags.

If you are interested, just type “chrome: // flags” in the search bar. Then you will have to look for the option Dynamic colors on Android and activate it.

Very subtle changes to begin with

Google Chrome Canary will restart and the changes aren’t going to be immediately obvious at all. In reality, the changes are very discreet, proving that the Material You interface on the browser is still in its infancy.

To see some of the beginnings, you have to go to the application settings. You will then see that the header can change colors. On our Pixel 4, we noticed a real difference in color after setting a wallpaper offered by Google where yellow is predominant. The bar at the top of the Chrome Canary menu is tinted pale green.

The color of the section names also changes slightly to stand out a little more while the question mark in the upper left corner allowing access to the Assistance menu has the right to a little makeover.

If we activate the dark mode, the differences are even more subtle in the background of the interface. On the other hand, it is a little easier to see that the word “Parameters” takes on another shade.

Note also that these differences were not as observable when we changed the wallpaper with it, for example by opting for a blue cast. Everything suggests that Google Chrome will indeed benefit from changes inspired by Material You. Simply, we will have to be patient, very patient.

By the way, let’s also remember that the Material You interface also made its debut on Google Messages while the Google Drive application saw its splash screen come alive.

Google Messages: we already like the new Material You interface

The media 9to5Google shares a preview of the interface of Google Messsages with the Material You codes of Android 12 and we already appreciate the result.
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