Reine Jamme is one of those people who get involved in the life of their village. Born in Lot-et-Garonne at the end of the “30s”, she can be found here in the “50s”. Many brothers and sisters, a life not too easy at that time, she fell in this village of Massaguel where there was intense associative activity with an MJC created just after the war.

She meets Pierre with whom she founds a home, 4 children will be born. With her family and the inhabitants of the village, she participates in most of the activities: those of the MJC, parties of all kinds, parades of floats, preparation of convivial meals, New Years Eve, neighborhood meals, senior citizens, trips… Her generosity lays it down. pushes to help others.

She loves to treat family and friends and it didn’t take much insistence that she unveil an Aveyron recipe, “Les Pascades”, which she got from her mother and her grandmother, which is to say that she does not date from yesterday: “Make pancakes with a rather thick dough to which one incorporates a good quantity of sorrel or parsley. This dish of the poor was tasted accompanied by a soup of chestnuts or cabbage with bacon. “

Suffice to say that in winter and after a day’s work, it “stuck to the body” as they say.

Thanks to Reine for this recipe, we are more and more fond of these ancient and local dishes.