On the occasion of the tenth episode of Recipe, Maskey invited Freeze Corleone for a video already placed at the top of the trends.

Nearly 400,000 views in just a few hours and a video firmly hooked to YouTube trends: Maskey folded that. On the occasion of the tenth episode of “The Recipe”, the videographer took an interest in the Freeze Corleone phenomenon. His usual analysis follows, interspersed with a few sketches, some of which are particularly amusing. To design his atmosphere, Maskey dived into the murky waters of 667, and in particular the soundtrack of Requiem for a Dream, revisited with drill sauce.

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Freeze Corleone rocks a freestyle with Maskey

Once his instrumental is over, as in each episode, the YouTuber concludes with a new freestyle featuring the highlighted artist. This time around, he first brought in Theodort, another videographer who had made fun of Freeze Corleone in several parody videos. Finally, he receives a bullet, sent by a masked character who turns out to be the author of LMF himself. He then comes to pose a short freestyle of a small minute to conclude with power this tenth episode.

Maskey has just struck a big blow with this new recipe, dedicated to a hype protagonist, who is moreover, interested in playing the media game. Controlling his image with millimeter precision, Freeze Corleone knows that it is far more useful for him to participate in an episode of Recipe on YouTube than to risk a few interviews: communities revolving around the same areas of interest.

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