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The event will be remembered for a long time by the inhabitants of the city of Modena. the famous luxury car manufacturer Maserati, who has been in northern Italy for more than a century, put on a concert worthy of the biggest pop stars to celebrate the launch of its new car: the Maserati MCXX. In the stands of the Marzaglia circuit, which once hosted the Formula 1 Grand Prix, the 400 guests attended a spectacular show, boosted by the presence of around thirty choir members dressed in white who had nothing to envy the Sunday Services by Kanye West and an electro soundtrack inspired by the roar of Maserati engines. Highlight of the show, a monumental 26-meter-high 3D screen projected images of Maserati's glorious past.

Sculpted for racing since the brand's creation in 1914, Maserati cars have long trod the racetracks, breaking all speed records and forging their historic rivalry with neighbor Ferrari, also based in the city of Modena. It is said that all his life, “Il Commandatore” Enzo Ferrari, who founded Ferrari in 1947, refused even to pronounce the name of the brand signed with the trident, which he initially challenged as a pilot, before doing it as a builder. Then, in the 1960s, Maserati gradually abandoned competition to manufacture cars designed for the road. The models with slender lines and powerful engines Ghibli, Bora or Quattroporte quickly become symbols of the dolce vita – driven as well by the President of the Italian Republic Sandro Pertini as by Alain Delon in the cult film La Piscine (1969) by Jacques Deray.

Maserati unveils its MCXX supercar in Modena Numero Magazine - Maserati unveils its MCXX supercar in Modena - Numéro MagazineMaserati unveils its MCXX supercar in Modena Numero Magazine - Maserati unveils its MCXX supercar in Modena - Numéro Magazine

Show at the Marzaglia circuit, Modena, 2020 © Maserati

Tonight, Maserati enters a new era”Davide Grasso, the manufacturer's director of operations, solemnly announced during this big launch party. This marketing maestro, defector of the world of sport (he was notably marketing director of Nike and Converse) made the big leap into the Italian automotive world a year earlier, called in to rejuvenate the image of the brand, in decline for several years. The fall of the Chinese market (which accounts for nearly a third of its sales), taxes linked to CO2 emissions and the recent health crisis have indeed made Maserati a financial pit for its owner, the Fiat-Chrysler group. Marketed at around € 220,000 for the simplest version, and produced in small quantities, the MCXX is not intended to boost Maserati sales. On the other hand, its launch has a highly symbolic value because it takes place upstream of the arrival of twelve new models by 2025.

With the MCXX, the trident firm reconnects with its original sports DNA. If details are still awaited regarding its entry into motor racing, the MCXX hides behind its sober lines and its carbon fiber monocoque a powerful 630 horsepower engine, entirely designed in the factories of Modena. For the first time at Maserati, this engineering gem incorporates technologies from Formula 1. A return to the sporting scene which is not the only crucial issue for Maserati. Like the GranCabrio and GranTurismo models, the MCXX will be available in a 100% electric version, to give this new start a sustainable future.

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