Maserati: the electrification is on –

Maserati will change everything. Switching to electric or hybrid, electrification will be part of it. We will explain everything to you.

We have known for a while, Maserati will electrify its range, in one way or another. Hybrid, 100% electric … There will be everything. And precisely, the Italian firm has just presented its development and production plans for this great project. The primary objective of the Trident brand is to stick with their DNA, whatever the engine. To start off on the right foot, Maserati will develop and produce all of its models in Italy, on its native land.

This revolution will start this year with the arrival of a first hybrid vehicle: the Ghibli. Please note, however, that this is only a light hybridization, most certainly with an alternator-starter system operating on a 48V battery. Then, in 2021, the Mirafiori factory will welcome the production of the new Maserati GranTurismo and GranCabrio: two 100% electric models that will mark a major turning point in the history of Maserati. Remember that this project is not the least: the Italian brand has invested nearly 800 million euros for this: production line, research and development.

In parallel with all this, major modernization works have been carried out on the production lines of the Modena plant in order to accommodate the electric version of the one we only know by the name of "Supercar". Definitely the model that will dominate the Maserati range. Modena is the heart of Maserati. Even if some factories have been relocated elsewhere in Italy, the headquarters, development offices and test spaces are still in Modena. This city is also home to the “Innovation Lab”. This is the basis of this whole small revolution at Maserati.

Finally – probably the most important part in terms of sales – the future SUV of the brand will be built in Cassino and promises to play a leading role and integrate many innovative technologies, in the words of the brand itself- even.

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