Discovered in the fall of 2020, the Maserati MC20 is just preparing to start its career. And as often, some tuners were quick to draw their projects. Well, just one for now. 7 Designs, a small American preparer, dared to touch the Italian supercar. Whether the operation was necessary remains to be seen.

In absolute terms, it might not have been necessary to change anything around the Maserati MC20. The debate often comes up when it comes to supercars that are at least exclusive: do we have the moral right to modify the work on which a whole armada of designers have been working for months (or even a few years, sometimes) ? And in a few clicks, to reset a result supposed to be as successful as possible …

It is therefore unclear how the Maserati style center will approach the approach of tuners who dare to undermine the silhouette of the MC20, moreover rewarded with a prize “Red Dot Award” attributed to its design. Some will undoubtedly be a little upset.

Inspired by the MC12

This is however what 7 Designs, a small company offering body kits, undertook with this reinterpretation of the MC20 called “Aria”. Focused solely on aerodynamics and style, which has become more radical and clearly inspired by racing. Carbon in abundance for the roof, bodywork components, the rear spoiler … Up to the surround of the grille, in one piece with the front spoiler blade.

In this illustration (obviously virtual, the car barely leaving its Modena assembly lines to date), we also notice that even the wheel arches have been retouched, much more angular at the level of the MC20 side logo. As for the roof socket and the imposing carbon diffuser, we can also see a form of homage to the MC12, its indirect ancestor. Curiously, even heavily retouched, the car does not seem less distorted than one might have feared. We could even, why not, find him airs of the future MC20 competition. Not so bad, then?

The 630 hp 3-liter twin-turbo V6, on the other hand, should remain intact for this time, but we have no doubt that some pharmacies will look into its case.