With its new Levante Hybrid, Maserati offers a hybrid SUV type vehicle that brings all the power of a heat engine associated with electric. A vehicle that also wants to be connected via MIA and Maserati Connect.

Maserati is a brand that resonates like Italian sporting luxury. Indeed, the brand with the trident has always been reminiscent of a so British luxury association of brands like Aston Martin with the fiery stallions and Italian bull of Ferrari and Maserati.

The brand that has won over the general public and the wealthy with its Maserati Quatroporte also offers a sporty SUV. The Maserati Levante. This time it is a hybrid version that the brand offers.

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Maserati Levante Hybrid, power, but also connectivity.

Of course we could talk to you about its power with its 330 horsepower, its maximum speed of 240 km / h or its acceleration from 0 to 100 to 6 seconds. But at Planet Wireless what interests us is high-tech above all.

And that’s good, because this new Maserati SUV has some in stock. In fact, this newcomer is equipped with the Maserati connect. Thanks to a mobile connection, it will be possible toalways have an eye on your Maserati SUV from your smartphone. The autonomy it remains, from the remote control of certain functions internal to the vehicle. In addition, the Maserati Connect will notify you on your smartphone when it’s time to go to the garage for maintenance.

In addition, the GPS system is constantly updated remotely and it is possible to access the traffic in real time. In addition, it is possible to give orders to Alexa from the car. So, if you have just left the house, but you are not sure whether you closed the garage door, it will suffice to say to her: “Hey Alexa, close the garage door”.

In addition, it is possible to transform the SUV into rolling Wi-Fi hotspots so that all passengers can enjoy an Internet connection on their smartphone.

Maserati Levant Hybrid