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NEWS – The Modena firm took advantage of the launch of the MC20 to present a very ambitious new recovery plan.

- Maserati, ask for the program - Le Figaro

Among the hundred-year-old brands, Maserati is not the best performing. Like Alfa Romeo, by dint of broken promises – the Alfieri coupe was initially due to see the light of day in 2016 – and postponed recovery plans, the Trident firm is going through a bad patch. Everything had started well. At the dawn of the 2010s, the Italian manufacturer of prestigious and sports cars had invested 1.2 billion euros in a vast development program of its range which should enable it to produce 50,000 units per year in 2015. One point of step before targeting 80,000 units. If the first part of its plan was successful thanks in particular to the reception of sedans and SUVs on the Chinese and North American markets, it seems that Maserati has fallen asleep on its laurels at the time the competition accelerated in the technologies of depollution of the engines, connectivity and driver assistance. In fact, the Quattroporte and Ghibli sedans but also the GT -Granturismo and Gran Cabrio – and the Levante SUV found themselves overwhelmed by a lack of investment, with the FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) group giving priority to the more profitable American brands.


For many years, the Italian group has seemed incapable of leading the development of several brands at the same time. This may change with the merger with the PSA group. Without waiting for the validation of the Franco-Italian marriage, Maserati took advantage of the revelation of its new MC20 supercar on September 9, 2020 to present the main lines of its renewal plan.

In addition to the MC20, which will be available in a combustion engine version and a 100% electric motor but also in a spider version, the Maserati range will welcome a new generation of Granturismo and Gran Cabrio in 2022. It is not known whether these models will be based on the Alfieri project, but these will be the first Maseratis to adopt a 100% electric engine. By then, the firm's Trident range will have been enriched with a compact SUV developed from the Giorgio platform used by the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio. Named Grecale, in reference to a strong wind from the north-east of the Mediterranean, this leisure vehicle will therefore take on a large number of elements of the Stelvio. By the end of the year, the Ghibli will, for its part, be launched in a hybrid version, combining an original Alfa 4-cylinder 2-liter turbo petrol with 48 V technology. The Maserati program is part of a a vast electrification strategy called Folgore.

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