Marko finds it 'painful' to watch Ferrari struggles –

Helmut Marko (center in the photo) was recently bitter against Ferrari and last year's victories with an engine that is still debated, but the Austrian nevertheless assures that he derives no satisfaction from seeing the rival Red Bull team endure the hardships it faces today.

"I'm certainly not happy about that" assures the consultant of Red Bull.

“It’s painful to see them struggling to reach Q2. Ferrari is a legendary and important brand in our sport.”

The Red Bull advisor even thinks that the special bonus granted to the Scuderia under the Concorde Agreements is normal: "It is certainly justified. The presence of Ferrari has a sort of magical appeal to the sponsors. Fortunately, it will not go away quickly, although the team is not currently successful."

On the other hand, he continues to assure that he is not satisfied with the deal with the FIA, and is surprised at the extent of Ferrari's difficulties: "We know that we are not happy with the FIA's judgment on the Ferrari engine. I think that is true for the world of sports as a whole."

“Engine development has been pursued in one direction, but that doesn't explain why they're so weak on the chassis side. Both factors contribute to the lack of competitiveness and having to fight in the peloton.”

According to Marko, Sebastian Vettel's departure from this environment could do the greatest good for his former protégé: "Sebastian is a four-time world champion, there aren't many. He has to make the best choice for his future."

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