Marko fears McLaren may exploit regulatory loopholes –

Helmut Marko believes that the concessions authorized to McLaren for the engine change planned for 2021 could allow the British team to find flaws in the development limitations recently introduced by the FIA.

"The change from Renault to Mercedes for McLaren can also bypass the homologation rules and intervene in locked areas for the others. There are flaws," says Marko.

"McLaren is getting closer, they are well placed in terms of staff and technology, and they will have a competitive engine next year. But it will not be just a problem from year to year."

In 2021, the lowest ranked teams in the championship will be allocated more time in the wind tunnel, but a source at Ferrari judges that the rule could have been better adapted: "It would have been better to tie the wind tunnel bonus to the budget, rather than the championship position."

"Those with less money should be able to test more in the wind tunnel. The way it is currently done could make teams wonder if they want to finish ninth better than eighth to have more time in the wind tunnel in 2022. "

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