In the last time both the psychological tests like the personality tests they multiplied on social networks. In them you can find the most varied and unusual and are, without a doubt, a great alternative to combat boredom in these days of confinement.

This time we bring you one that what it says about you will surprise you. You just have to look at the image below and the first thing your eye catches, it will give you all the answers. Man, woman or skull?

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Man: you are a person who is very difficult to forgive. It is difficult for you to control your emotions and you hardly forget when they have hurt you. You must learn to let go and understand that everyone can make mistakes. When you do, you will take a huge load off your back and live a much calmer life.

Woman: you are someone who is always aware of your loved ones. For you, others occupy a priority place in your life: first they, then you are. You characterize yourself for being very calm but you can become a real beast if someone hurts a being you love. Learn that sometimes it is necessary to say “no” and you will see how the path becomes easier.

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Skull: in the eyes of others you seem defenseless and naive. However, this is only a first impression. You are characterized by being extremely intelligent and cunning. You know perfectly who approaches you with bad intentions and you are rarely confused.