This malware offers you to win a mobile simply by installing an application via WhatsApp is a trap.

As always, when it’s too good to be true, there is a good chance that it will be a scam … The one circulating right now is going from phone to phone via theapplication WhatsApp. A contact sends a message promising to win a smartphone for free by simply installing an app. A download link allows to repatriate it on the mobile. When activated, a page Web ape the Play Store from Google offers to install an application called Huawei Mobile.

A shame, when we know that the Chinese Huawei precisely falls under the embargo measures taken by the US government and cannot benefit from Google services. Once this fake application is installed, it comes to the mobile to generate advertising revenue without the user’s knowledge. Nothing very bad at the moment, but this system could be exploited for many other threats, more worrying, like bank scams, ransomware or spy solutions.

It blows the protections of Android

This malware was dissected by Lukas Stefanko of the cybersecurity company Eset. The worry is that in order to be able to install the application requests the user so that he can authorize him to override the security of the Play Store. This lock disabled will then install any other malicious application available outside of the Google app store. In addition, the application asks to allow a lot of access, including notifications. But above all, the application asks to remain active at all times, even in the background bypassing Android’s automatic deactivation system. As a result, the autonomy of the mobile declines more quickly.

The malware can also access WhatsApp and send personalized messages to user’s contacts and spread from mobile to mobile. In order not to be exposed, the malware takes care to send its messages one by one, one hour after the last message received by the victim. As always to avoid falling into this type of trap, you should never trigger a link leading to the installation of an application, but simply download the applications directly from the Play Store.

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