Since the submission of the results of the end-of-year exams, the students of the psychology faculty at UCLouvain have been in a panic. And for good reason, only five BAC1 students out of 645 succeeded in validating all of their credits, thus allowing them to access the upper year of their course without a second session. Remember that at least 45 credits and a general average of 50% are necessary to succeed, with in this case of success, the acquisition of residual credits which will be added during the new academic year.

Faced with this catastrophic pass average, the students shared an open letter on Facebook to express their concerns.

Vivian Chojnacka, president of the student office (BDE) of the faculty of psychology, told our colleagues from the Future that human resources are largely insufficient to manage the large number of students in the first year. According to her, this would have led the professors to use rapid and computerized means of evaluation and consequently, would have reduced the supervision. “Too few assistants are available to correct copies. In the past, we used multiple choice questions with negative points, because there were already too many of us for the oral or open questions in the tests. But this method has been removed. This was a problem because a large number of students abstained. “

The faculty has not yet reacted to this open letter.