Five tips for making good “homemade” slippers

1. The garnish

For Loucas, “it should not be simply a garnish, but a real cooked dish”… which is therefore cooked before being incorporated into the dough! It must therefore be prepared in advance, simmered, and be full of flavor!

We pack it all up with the dough… and go in the oven to bake and brown the dough, just before serving!

2. Make way for the imagination

It’s simple: almost all associations can lend themselves to slippers! Veggie, meat or even fish, why not… We must not forget that all over the world, turnovers are made from leftovers… We prefer seasonal products.

Some examples tested and approved at Toké: free-range chicken, mushrooms, onions, pepper sauce / the classic ham and cheese, but with good Comté or Emmental and raclette cheese, and truffled ham if possible.

3. The consistency

Be careful, the filling should not be too liquid, otherwise it will tend to soak the dough. And the slipper will not stand.

If you use vegetables that make water (for example zucchini), you must prepare them well and cook them beforehand.

4. The dough

Shortcrust pastry, puff pastry, bread dough… made according to your tastes!

Some recipes even offer to fry the dough, but Chloé and Loucas prefer a passage in the oven, it is less fatty!

Don’t forget to season the dough as well, this will add some pep to the recipe. Spices and seeds will decorate your slippers and give them a little extra soul …

5. We also explore the sweet

With apple turnovers, we are sure to have success! But take the trouble to caramelize the apples quietly and spice everything up before going to the oven. At Toké, their “pom ‘pom’” recipe mixes two varieties of seasonal apples, speculoos, vanilla sugar and a hint of lemon. Pear-chocolate, with its cocoa paste, pears, hazelnuts and chocolate chips, also works very well. Red fruits, hazelnuts, almonds… Again, let your creativity run wild!