Lyon: the new UGC cinema of La Part-Dieu will open in 2021 –

While the work began well, the new multiplex cinema UGC Part-Dieu would open its doors in 2021.

The Part-Dieu shopping center continues to moult. In 2020, it will show a new face "more open" to the city with a hanging garden, as well as 32,000 m² of additional space to accommodate sixty new shops and restaurants.

Thus, we already know six new stores that will arrive in 2020: Abercrombie & Fitch (ready to wear), John Reed (fitness club that mixes sports and DJs), Balibaris (clothes for "millenials"), Daniel Wellington (Swedish watch brand), Yuko B (fashion and accessories inspired by Korean culture), Muji (the brand founded in Japan offers a large store of 1,065 m²).

On the roof, UGC will open a multiplex of 18 rooms. As previously announced, the cinema will not be inaugurated at the same time as the other businesses of the extension., The date of end 2020 having been advanced for a while. However, according to our information, the multiplex should be operational only at the end of the first quarter of 2021 (at best), or even second quarter depending on the progress of work that has already started well.

The million for ambition

The project is ambitious, modeled on the one that has just opened in Vélizy in Yvelines. The latter also offers 18 rooms with 3,800 seats. In Lyon, the future spectators will be welcomed in an immense hall before being able to go in one of the rooms, the architect wished to give an impression of big volume. In addition, the programming should be eclectic with blockbusters like auteur films.

While Pathé chose to play the card of technology with 4DX, Onyx LED screen, Imax or Dolby room with reclining comfort chair, UGC will remain on the classic projection, having already set foot on the 3D. Currently, the Part-Dieu cinema is about 470,000 admissions per year. With this new room, the group aims to approach the million, or even exceed it. What will become of the Cité Internationale UGC, which attracted only 437,000 spectators in 2018, falling over the years? This is the whole question: in Lyon, the cinema will he touch his glass ceiling, if so how will the cards be divided between Pathé, UGC, CGR, but also the Comoedia? Reply in 2021!

Ranking of cinemas in 2018 in Lyon (number of admissions)

2018 2017 Evolution
Pathe CDS 1117806 1177056 -5.03%
CGR Brignais 807440 867908 -6.97%
Confluence 798194 853911 -6.52%
Pathe Vaise 76580 816343 -6.19%
Pathe Bellecour 642480 694742 -7.52%
UGC Part-Dieu 471793 539574 -12.56%
UGC International Cite 437074 489911 -10.79%
Comoedia 386254 309405 +24.84%
UGC Astoria 209256 219181 -4.53%
Light Cinemas 205370 196915 +4.29%
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