Lunel: Songe, an association to learn to interpret your dreams

"The dream says everything about everything. It brings psychological and spiritual knowledge, it is the philosophy of being and it offers an extraordinary initiation path."

Very soon challenged by his own dreams, Bernard Mirande turned, after studying literature, towards psychology, and more particularly the spiritual: "In psychology, the dream is little studied, while it allows a deep approach to the unconscious. Now the spiritual worries. "

As he says himself, "it's a marginal approach". Even we at "Midi Libre ", we are asked: should we meet this dream man? What does it offer, exactly? And where does he want to take the participants?

Freud and Lacan

The Songe association was created in Montpellier in 1981 to help understand the messages given by dreams. Psychotherapist for over thirty years, lecturer, Bernard Mirande runs internships there. His work is part of the Jungian line while integrating the psychoanalytic contribution of Freud and Lacan.

The association invites members to look into the unconscious to get to know what is deep inside. To guide the interpretation, a symbolic progression is also necessary, using different themes as common threads.

Six dreams per sleep on average

Thirty study grids are thus made available to find the link of the dream with life, with the self: ancestors, childhood, inheritance, family history, pathologies, socialization … "During our associative meetings, each brings a series of dreams to submit them to discussion and interpretation."

The result is practical writing for the participants and theoretical writing for the therapist. "In a classic sleep, we can note six dreams, He adds. Deep sleep takes the dream away. Jung's method links dream to life, so it's easier to interpret a person's dream. If it is not, it is essential to be careful. Similarly, at conferences, it is difficult to interpret a submitted dream by an auditor. It’s something private, of the knowledge of being."

So intimate that it's not easy to trust it. The sessions are however free.

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