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If you follow automotive news a little, you will know that all manufacturers are now starting toelectrification, seen today as the only salvation for the environment. While the governments of many countries wish in the more or less long term to ban the combustion engine on their roads, many companies have decided to enter the fuel market. retrofit. An increasingly widespread practice, which consists of transforming an internal combustion car by offering it a 100% electric motor. We think in particular of the many companies offering Citroën Mehari zero-emissions, or to Swindon Powertrain, who created an eco-friendly version of the original Mini, among others.

Today, it is another company that is talking about it, namely Lunaz, which unveils not one but two models revised and corrected to carry an electric motor. And these are not just any, since it is the Rolls-Royce Phantom V and Silver Cloud, two legendary English women brought up to date. Produced in only 30 units each, these two cars have been meticulously restored and modernized, offering themselves some additional equipment, such as an infotainment system, new air conditioning or even screens integrated in the seats for the passengers taking place in the back. Note that the first orders have just been registered for a few happy customers.

A very nice technical sheet

Beginners from € 557,000, the Rolls-Royce Phantom V is the more expensive of the two, and for good reason, it has a 120 kWh battery allowing it to travel approximately 483 kilometers in a single charge. The power of the beauty has not been specified, but it should be relatively substantial, in order to be able to tow a probably colossal weight, due to the large battery pack and the extensive equipment. Note that it is also possible to order a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud for a slightly more reasonable price, starting at 390,000 € anyway. It claims some 375 horsepower and achieves 0 to 100 km / h in less than five seconds, a real tour de force. Its 80 kWh battery allows it to cover the same distance as the Phantom, due to arguably less weight.

Lunaz is not at its first attempt, however, since the British firm also offers a Jaguar XK10 and an Bentley S2 Flying Spur 100% electric.

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