Lucid to unveil its luxury electric sedan to compete with Tesla – BFMTV

The manufacturer Lucid Motors unveils its first sedan, the Air, this Wednesday in the United States. A very luxurious 100% electric model which must establish itself as a major competitor for Tesla.

It is presented as the future best competitor for the Tesla Model S. The Chinese manufacturer Lucid Motors, based in the United States, is presenting its first model in California this afternoon, the Air. The event, broadcast live on the internet, will begin at 4 p.m. this Wednesday (1 a.m. Thursday in France).

The young brand is therefore preparing to unveil the final version of this 100% electric sedan, four years after the presentation of the first prototype in Menlo Park in California, not far from Facebook. A long wait that allowed Lucid to distill information in a trickle … and to survive several financial soap operas.

Record autonomy

We know, for example, that the Air will offer record range. In early August, the brand had indeed communicated the figure of 517 miles (or 832 kilometers exactly), according to the American EPA standard. The current champion of the category, the Tesla Model S in its "Long Range Plus" version ("Great autonomy" in France), displays 402 miles (approximately 650 kilometers), according to the same EPA standard.

The Lucid Air would thus be the first electric car to pass the symbolic 500-mile mark, which fits quite well with an equally notable heading in our good old metric system, that of 800 kilometers.

Fast recharge

More recently, a Lucid Motors executive also indicated that the Air will also display the fastest recharge time. The battery would be able to take a power of 300 kW, enough to recover 300 miles (482 kilometers) in 20 minutes. It's even better than the Porsche Taycan (270 kW) or Tesla (up to 250 kW).

Lightning acceleration

Lucid also talks about the fastest sedan on the market, with a 1080 horsepower engine. A video was recently released with an Air clocking 9.9 seconds over a quarter mile (just over 400 meters), a benchmark drag race distance in the United States.

We also see in the video a Tesla Model S and a Porsche Taycan, two queens of acceleration to cut down for the sporty image of Lucid Motors.

Prize: the great unknown

We are waiting for more details on a crucial point: prices. The specialist site Teslarati mentioned a price of 161,500 dollars (136,600 euros) for the launch version, very luxurious, the "Dream Edition".

Lucid to unveil its luxury electric sedan to compete with - Lucid to unveil its luxury electric sedan to compete with Tesla - BFMTV
The interior of the Lucid Air, with its windshield that extends into a panoramic roof. © Lucid Motors

A business model to consolidate

The brand has also reacted by announcing entry-level versions for less than $ 80,000 ($ 67,700). Enough to position itself on a slightly larger audience than that already targeted by the most expensive models offered by Tesla (the Model S currently starts at 83,990 euros in France) or by Porsche with its Taycan (from 108,632 euros).

Behind these technical references, each more impressive than the next, Lucid especially had to overcome major financial difficulties. Launched with billions of dollars, Lucid was backed by LeEco, a Chinese-owned company whose founder had also invested in Faraday, another potential start-up competing with Tesla.

But the financial difficulties then followed, and production initially announced in 2018, Lucid does not finally present its new car until September 9, two years late.

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