Lucid: the competitor of the Tesla Model S is revealed –

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Lucid the competitor of the Tesla Model S is revealed - Lucid: the competitor of the Tesla Model S is revealed -
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It was officially unveiled on Wednesday September 9, World Electric Automobile Day. The Air, the first model of the startup Lucid Motors, is positioned as a high-end electric model, in the wake of Tesla, reports

The Air's style is resolutely clean and its interior, made of wood and metal, luxurious. The Alexa voice assistant is also integrated into the vehicle and allows its owner to play music or consult his calendar by voice. Regarding the model's batteries, they can store in their most optimal configuration, 113 kWh, allowing the sedan to achieve a record range of 832 kilometers, reports.

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This range is matched by remarkable power, with two 670 horsepower engines, and a maximum cumulative power of 1,080 horsepower. This places the Lucid Motors model far above other electric sedans currently available on the market.

As for availability, this new model can be booked in France, with a deposit of 900 euros. It should be delivered from spring. Several finishes are possible for prices that can vary widely, from 80,500 euros for the Touring finish to 143,500 euros for the Dream Edition. As a reminder, the Tesla S is marketed at a price of 83,990 euros.

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The Lucid Air wants to establish itself as a serious competitor for Tesla. The California-based start-up, like the firm of Elon Musk, entrusted the design of this first model to Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO of Lucid Motors. Before joining Lucid Motors, Rawlinson was none other than the chief engineer of the Tesla Model S, recalls the specialist site Frandroid. The Lucid Air presentation also wrapped up on Wednesday with another announcement that should put pressure on Elon Musk: Lucid Motors is expected to launch a new SUV soon.

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