Fame costs and if they ask Lucy, of ‘The island of temptations 3’. The woman from Cádiz has become a public figure since her appearance on television and his current life is followed by thousands and thousands of people, which has caused me to have people in his favor and others against. At first, the Andalusian preferred not to give importance to the negative comments she received, but she has reached a point where she can no longer do it.

This Wednesday He wanted to express how he feels through his Mtmad channel, in which he has recognized that have had to ask for psychological help since it is not going through its best moment: “When I came from ‘LIDLT’ last year everyone was supporting me. They made it very easy for me because everyone loved me. Then I screwed up a bit and the criticism began to come to me. Now I get a lot more criticism than before. When they are constructive criticisms, I accept them and give thanks because it is always good to improve. But what I’m not going to go through is disrespect and insults towards my family “, has pointed out.

Unfortunate Comments

“They have come to tell me that I hope I got cancer in my whole family and he dies. It seems to me that this is already a very serious thing that should not be overlooked. I already I’m reaching my limit. The main thing I feel with this type of message is as if nothing was ever right for you ”, he added.

“I upload a photo and they tell me I’m fat. If I upload a retouched photo and you want it to be natural. You are not aware of the damage you can do to a person who is not strong-minded. I weigh 48 kilos, how can you tell me that I am fat? You have to think a bit about the damage that can be done to certain people with these comments ”, points out.

“They have even told me that I have the face of a person with Down syndrome. Do you really think that a song like that is like insulting with it? It makes me understand that these kinds of people are empty inside. When I read these types of comments, I really feel bad. These comments really piss me off but they don’t affect me psychologically because I already have enough problems in my life. I suffer because my family can see the comments and they do not take it the same as me. I never ever delete a bad comment because what a person I do not know thinks of anything slips me, “he confesses.

You don’t know if your path is the right one

“I’m at a point where I can’t take it anymore. I asked for psychological help because I am not sure how to manage all this that I have now. I’ve been feeling pretty bad. There are days when I wake up and feel the happiest in the world and there are others when I wake up and I think ‘how unhappy I am’. I don’t know what those mood swings are due to. I do not know if the path that I am taking in my life is the right one and I do not know if I am next to the people that I should be because I do not have the ability to decide for myself because I just read comments about ‘you’re stupid, they’re doing it to you again’ (remembering Manuel’s infidelities) ”.

His passage through ‘The last temptation’

“You ask me a lot how I am, what happened, if everything is the same… the truth is that I cannot say anything. I’m looking forward to exploding, bursting, talking, screaming, telling and saying it all but you’re going to have to wait a bit for that. I just want to say that I feel fine and that I am happy to return home ”, has concluded in Mtmad.