Loïc, crazy about cooking, reveals his recipe for Hollandaise sauce to FALL (video)

Loïc is not a "chef" but a cooking fanatic! His grandparents and parents are the basis of his culinary education and it is thanks to books, television, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram that Loïc continued his learning. His cooking is super quick, easy and always delicious. Concerned about his time and the world in which he lives, he tries to favor seasonal and local products through the recipes he presents to us.

This week, Loïc is preparing rows of sea bass accompanied by small vegetables and a mousseline sauce. The mousseline sauce is prepared with a base of hollandaise sauce.

For the Hollandaise sauce, Loïc will mix 3 egg yolks well. Keep the shell, it will be used to measure the rest! Add 2 shells of lemon juice and a shell of water. Mix with salt and pepper in a skillet. "We are going to mix the yolks, the juice and the water well. Keep beating all the time otherwise we will have an omelet", warns Loïc!

Loïc's trick to not turn your sauce into an omelet

So that the yolks do not cook, Loïc has a tip! It will beat incessantly but move back and forth on the fire, in order to keep the pan hot without it being in direct contact with the heat source.

As soon as you get a frothy sauce, it's time to add the butter!

"I didn't say we would eat light, I said we ate well!"

"With our 3 yolks, we add 150 g of butter little by little. It's a fairly rich sauce", Loïc warns. "I did not say that we would eat light, I said that we ate well! It is very satisfying because we can clearly see the result, appearing: a well aerated sauce, linked."

This Hollandaise sauce, star of brunches, will go perfectly with toast with soft-boiled eggs or smoked salmon for example. Loïc wants to prepare a mousseline sauce, so he is going to add cream to it. "A mousseline sauce is a base of hollandaise sauce worked with lightly beaten cream. This sauce is delicious with every piece of fish like today, with the sea bass."

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