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Lister, a famous British trainer specializing in muscular Jaguars, is attacking I-Pace this time. This List SUV-E is a first for the brand, which had never previously been rubbed with electricity.

And for good reason: difficult here to win horses by changing a compressor, for example. Suddenly, the preparer, who already sells muscular versions of the F-Type and F-Pace and prepares a modern version of the Knobbly, has made it a priority to gain weight.

100 kg less, some more horses

Shields, aero appendages and hood are now carbon. The wheel arches are enlarged, and accommodate specific titanium wheels and carbon-ceramic brake discs. In total, Lister announces to have saved 100kg compared to the basic SUV. Without being able to go under the bar of two tons, with 2.033kg on the scale.

As for performance, the SUV-E also gains lowered and adjustable suspensions, and updated control systems for increased torque and power. Without Lister disclosing exactly how much.

The SUV-E would be able to travel 0-60mph (0-97 km / h) in 4 seconds, 4 tenths better than a normal I-Pace.

Personalization at the envy and his "aggressive"

The preparer also announces that he can achieve a combination of interior colors entirely at the request of the customer, who will still have to pay £ 125,000 (about € 145,000). But for this price, he will also be entitled to a more "aggressive" sound. Curious proposal for an electric car …

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