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Science now fully recognizes the importance for man of the relationship. The link, too, with nature, is essential to us. It has a power of fascination on our brain, without us realizing it … and without effort, even without our knowledge.

It has a brain restoring effect! Lisa Garnier has published an original work that links two themes usually considered separately: psychology and ecology.

Psychology, on the side of positive psychology: “the scientific study of the best of ourselves”, or “of the optimal experience” say the authors. And ecology, more on the side of the disappearance of species and the possibility of evaluating it … This book in fact has a scientific aim and reviews the achievements of several fields, including cognitive sciences.

To give you an idea, here are some podcast passages. The first concerns the importance for humans and their brains of the relationship, in all its forms.

And on the side of nature? The power of nature on our emotions, and the wow effect, or in English the term “awe”, “the sublime that makes us so small in front of the universe”.

It’s time to change strategy! First of all, to flourish, to act better. The author surprises us, and it is fortunate, by discoveries, counter-intuitive proposals.

In a way, this ties in with the notion of spiritual ecology that is currently being addressed by ” Spiritualities Magazine »: To dare spiritual ecology, an intimate ecology of living things. (magazine on newsstands or subscription)

An interview with the author further sheds light on this beautiful and seductive intellectual adventure

Some key ideas (or quotes) from the book

  • The psychological importance of nature
  • Humans are the major force or the organizing principle of … all ecosystems
  • Shrinks at the bedside of biodiversity
  • Positive emotions are the engine of fulfillment, including in everyday life
  • Happiness through reciprocity
  • The power of nature over our emotions
  • The importance of the wow effect
  • Joan of Arc and the birth of “esmotion”
  • The potential for resilience comes from the diversity of species … and with the 6th extinction of species, on the move, the environment becomes homogeneous
  • The importance, in everyday life, of the diversity of our emotions
  • In English literature, a collapse in the use of words describing emotions, especially positive ones
  • … An extinction of the experience of nature…
  • Every moment that we take a look outside where green dominates would be so many moments when our mind is restored.
  • Trees improve children’s cognitive as well as social development skills
  • By their restorative effect, trees reduce mental fatigue
  • Why not try meditation on global compassion, human and non-human?
  • “Doing good” through positive emotions feeds back on the body which, over time, becomes less sick

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